Urban Nature. A Showcase of Plant sculptures and Soundscape

19th June – 9th July I am delighted to invite you to come and see a showcase of my new plant sculptures and a Soundscape at luxury jewellery house Hirsh, exploring and celebrating the beauty and value and significance of ordinary wild plants. This new solo exhibition is running as part of the Art in Mayfair festival.

Flowers are prehistoric organisms and from the dawn of humanity have served artists not only as sources of inspiration but also as metaphors for human existence. Wild flowers are amongst the most migratory and dynamic of plants. They can serve as emblems of optimism: tenacious and resilient, appearing from nowhere, putting down roots, colonising wherever they can get a foothold and then disappearing back into the earth.

This new series of sculptures highlight not only the beauty and ecological significance of these familiar plants, but also their poetic symbolism. They are made from international, mostly current issue bank notes with a high degree of verisimilitude where the different notes form a naturalistic colour palette and are constructed with detailed and delicate precision. View the catalogue here.

In addition to the sculptures I have also
for the first time made a new work – a soundscape “Summercity”, which you will hear if you are able to come and see the show. 

Urban Nature
19th June – 9th July 
Hirsh Townhouse
46 Conduit St
London W1S 2YW

Monday to Saturday
10.30 – 5.00