The Art of Transformation: Ephemera Elevated

24th May – 18th August 2024 The Art of Transformation: Ephemera Elevated . 45 Park Lane, London. The exhibition is displayed throughout the lobby and bar of the fabulous 45 Park Lane, London  and is open daily. It will feature a collection of seven artists who see beauty everywhere and question the meaning of physical objects, challenging conventional perspectives and beckoning viewers to unravel the layers of meaning hidden within.

On show will be two of my latest in the Nature series including “Hothouse” a new orchid sculpture referencing ideas around commodification of the natural world, climate change and the effects financial systems on society. Some of my
prints will also be on show so if you have yet to see them in person, this is a really great place to come and take look.  The exhibition is free to visit and there is no need to reserve a time slot. Presented by Ackerman Studios and curated by Lily Ackerman
I was lucky enough to be interviewed by The Mayfair Times about the show and you can read the article here below.