Trip to 10 Downing Street and New Acquisition for Government Art Collection

A few weeks ago to my great surprise I received an invitation to go and see my work and have a private tour of Downing Street. Surprising as I was not aware that my work was actually there, but there it was. It is work of mine that is in the Goverment Art Collection (The Money Map of the World Print and the whole set of 4 Icons print series) and the whole lot is hung in Downing St on loan and has apparently been there since 2006! Needless to say it was an amazing privilege and incredibly fascinating to be shown round and to see what else is currently hung there. There is a huge diversity of dates and styles but my favourites were a painting of Elizabeth I painted by Marcus Gheeraets the Younger painted c.1600 which is hung above a fireplace in the Pillared Room and a Michael Craig Martin Light Bulb sculpture in the garden. You can find them on the Goverment Art Collecton website

I was accompanied on the tour by Robert Jones of the Goverment Art Collection, who accepted my new “Great Britain” print into the collection. I am waiting to see where this piece ends up – fingers crossed for Downing St to keep the others company.