The Money Map of the World MMXX -MMXXI

Money Map of the World MMXX - MMXXI

The Money Map of the World MMXX -MMXXI  is the most recent in my series of country by currency world maps, where every country is represented, by its’ own  current issue banknote, right down to the smallest Island nation (here’s looking at you – Nauru!) The maps have become a life long project for me, documenting our ever changing world, with the first Money Map of the World Map being started back in 2004.

The maps are very time consuming to make and at this size can take up to 10 months. The work is done entirely by hand, and there are a number of stages. First is choosing a map projection, making a tracing of it, and tracing that, before the complicated task begins of researching the currencies, choosing and finding all the banknotes, before beginning to trace and cut those and start assembling the collage. I really am delighted to say the Money Map of the World MMXX – MMXXI is to go on public display at the Princess Hamilton Hotel, (Link to )Bermuda, (where it joins some of my other work) and will form part of the amazing contemporary art collection there, alongside work by Yayoi Kusama, Ai Wei Wei, and Andy Warhol.