Pop Prices and Specials Launching at Moniker Art Fair

Unique series of Archival diamond dust print

A series of new prints, every one unique. On sale from 5th October 2017.

Fifty computer generated, random numbers have been made into a unique series of Diamond Dust prints, with every individual  “Pop Price” on sale at face value. Playing with the concept of money itself, these pieces replicate the idea of  a banknote, where fifty Pounds is worth Fifty Pounds because it says it is on the note.  Available to buy singly or pick your faves and make your own group, these and the “Specials” available to purchase the moment the fair opens so come on down! “Pop Prices” starting at £25.15!
‘Pop Prices” and “Special”. Unique series.
Archival diamond dust print on Hanhemule 305gsm Photo Rag Paper. 24 x 34cm.