Museum Acquisition News

“Instruments of State -China” my grenade sculpture has been acquired by the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge for its’ collection.  It is one of a series of sculptures, collages and prints  in my Weapons series.  The work will join the permanent collection and will go on display along with some of my other pieces, as  part of an exhibition  scheduled for 2022.

The Weapons series are an examination of power, very often the power of the state and how it is used. the sculptures are also about the idea of power as an illusion, a state maintained by a belief that that power cannot be overcome. My Weapons sculptures appear to be solid objects, but are actually hollow and almost weightless, constructed from just two layers of banknotes. The fact that they could be crushed in the palm of a hand questions the nature of power and suggests it may be more delicate and transient than at first appears.

Instruments of State – China