Art Party Conference, The Spa, Scarborough

23 Nov 2013

The Art Party Conference 2013 is the first of its kind, initiated by the artist Bob and Roberta Smith, and co-produced by Crescent Arts. It is being held in Scarborough and hosted by The Spa Conference and Entertainment Centre, a magnificent nineteenth century seafront building in the South Bay.

The Art Party Conference 2013 will be an antidote to all other conferences. It is not aligned with any political party but an opportunity to celebrate art and artists and acts as a forum for debating the future of the arts in today’s climate of spending cuts and changes to the education system. The Art Party hopes to influence decision makers to listen and to think again.

Art and artists are the focus of the event with debate taking place amidst performances, film screenings, music, improvisation, readings and artists’ interventions at every turn. The Art Party Conference also aims to showcase the work of arts and and educational organisations from all over the country and the entire journey will be documented in The Art Party Road Movie, a 90 minute film designed to promote the arts to government.