Art Fair Cancellations, “Lucky Money” New Print edition and Podcast

Specimen Prunus Washingtonia
Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my website.  My work is for sale, although my  upcoming art fairs have been cancelled due to  COVID -19 . The good news is you can view a selection of the work I was intending to show in this exhibition catalogue  . Please do email if something catches your eye, or if you would like to enquire on any other of other work. View limited editions for sale in my online shop. Please note that any new orders may not currently be dispatched due to the lockdown, but I am working on sorting this out.
Specimen Prunus Washingtonia, (which translates as Washington’s Cherry ) is one of the works I made for the now cancelled The Other Art Fair. The blossoms are made from one US Dollar bills. I made it after reading about the legend of Washington and the Cherry Tree “Father, I cannot tell a lie” in which a young George Washington damages his father’s prized cherry tree with a hatchet and is compelled to confess, upon which his father’s anger disapates and instead rejoices in his sons’ honesty.

New in the Shop – “Lucky Money” my new limited edition screen printed collage.

Still available: A reminder too that if you have a bit of time on your hands you can listen to me chatting about my working life and art in the Art on a Podcast series.

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