Art & Currency. Artistic Reinterpretation of Cash and Coins.

Group show invite

“Ex Arcadia”, is one of a number of new original works going on show this group exhibition, Houston, Texas. USA. Also on show is  “The United States of America” a brand new Money Map of the USA, along a selection of sculpture, collage and limited edition prints. In its most basic form, Art $ Currency starts a conversation—about the value of money and art, about the aesthetics of worth, about the importance of beauty and utility.  Many of the works from these artists combine currencies from all over the world in just one piece – making the currencies inclusive to one another and allowing them to co-exist and be rearranged, to work together as a whole.  In this way, this exhibition demonstrates that money only seems private or personal.  What Art $ Currency does is demonstrate the interconnections of the human via currency.

9th  November – 31st December 2017. Art & Currency. Artistic Reinterpretation of Cash and Coins. The Colombe D’Or Downtown, 114 N. Main Street, 5th Floor, Houston, TX. 77002