Care Instructions


I hope you enjoy your new artwork. My limited edition prints are archivally printed and made to the highest quality. They are checked, packed and delivered to you direct from the studio.

The surface of the artworks are very delicate and require handling with an extra degree of care. In order to avoid damage it is recommended that you handle the print as little as possible, and it is advisable to wear cotton gloves when doing so.

Framing as soon as possible is recommended as we do not recommend storing unframed goods in their shipping packaging. For the larger and rolled prints in particular, we recommend are handling by a professional framer.

Archival faming and mounted is recommended and the prints should not be dry mounted.

Avoid hanging prints in direct sunlight, or near sources of direct heat or damp and consider UV glass or Perspex to help protect your print from damage.

The print colour may differ slightly to how it appears on screen, this is the limitation of screen technology and not a fault with the print. Also please note paper is a natural material that may have natural imperfections or differences in colour, shade or shape. Paper reacts to the environment it is in. Heat, light, humidity, etc, all can have an impact so looking after your artwork as above helps prevent any changes.


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